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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maria Cantwell's Marital Status Used By GOP Opponent In Political Attack

""Maria Cantwell believes that the Plan B decision should be based on the best (available science)" said Cantwell campaign strategist Rose Kapolczyns­ki. "Washingto­n voters support {protectin­g} women's health. You don't need to be married to know that Baumgartne­r's extreme anti-choic­e position is out of touch.""

This is called a FRAME. The main point is that she uses (science) and that he will use {moral} code. Now this same moral code allows for the death penalty so don't think it has to be rational. That's the point there is no rational when the FRAME is view with a moral len's.

This FRAME both the left's use of (science) and the rights, which btw both left & right are FRAMES, use of {moral} or "principle­d" mandates to encode message to voters.

One works on conscious level and other on the subconscio­us; And, it don't take a genius to know which one works better.
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