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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Village Green Cooperative is finally getting it's day in the Light.

If you're just because aware of the plight of the Blind unit owner in Prince Georges County that was evicted from his residence because of a disputed water bill then you're just getting started with Village Green.

Well this has been going on for a long time.  In fact back Aug 29th 2013 members of the community gather at a local elementary school to hear a presentation by WSSC on the refund that had recently been remitted back the community.

According to the representative of WSSC  at this meeting the rebate back the community was over 77 thousand dollars, yet unit owners like the one evicted didn't see a dime of it.

So what are some of the issue we know are happening.

Currently unit owners have to share the expenses of a three different water mains that come into their community from WSSC.  It seems that an out of state third party is responsible for maintaining a separate meter and from these they determine the billing and are responsible for sending them out and collecting the balances.

It's this relationship that is now being used to throw out on the street a number of unit owners not just the unit owner in the Channel 9 story.  

There's a couple of issues that come to mind right off the bat with regards to this situation.   The number one being that this third party is maintaining meters, which are regulated in Maryland by the Department of Agriculture.  The second being that often residents of this community have been able to prove that they have paid these bills however something between the Management Company (which there is much to talk about later) and the billing company they seem to be lost.  It is this area where unit owners have been denied the right to vote on the board in election and even worse being thrown out of their homes.

CK back we'll have video up from the WSSC meeting shortly as well as updates on what is happening at Village Green Mutual Homes Inc. In Prince Georges County, MD.

The Department of Housing and Urban Affairs recently returned 750 thousand (750,0000) from a the mortgage note they where holding and the unit owners are also in the dark as to what happened to this money and no one at HUD wants to talk about it let alone the board members that received the money.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

GOP Rep Apologizes For Berating Park Ranger During Shutdown: 'I Regret How I Handled That'

I'd like to believe that the effort made on the internet about his including the campaign had some kind of impact of this glaring example of #TexasDumb #apologizeRandy
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prince George's County, Md. Water Emergency Alert for CIC's

If you have not already heard Prince George County Maryland is facing a water emergency.

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. (WUSA9) -- We have learned mandatory water restrictions will begin at 9 p.m. Tuesday in Prince George's County areas affected by a failing water main.
Officials say a significant portion of Prince George's County will be left without water for several days. The issue is due to a 54 inch water main that is beginning to fail and must be replaced.
 Issues of concern will be updated here as this develops.

  1. Fire, there are loads of issues on this alone and should be number one concern see below.
  2. Cooling stations where are they and how can CIC establish them.
  3. Cooking how to without water and eventual food distribution
  4. Emergency Preparedness what are other issues especially with elder or disabled residents
  5. Businesses what is the impact, does lack of water stop CIC’s contractors from working
  6. What is the role and responsibility of Community Managers and Insurance companies. co

    1. Fire.  Hot water heaters - LIMIT USE OF THIS WATER AS DAMAGE TO THE HEATER AND POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD EXIST. Gas or Charcoal Grills outside should not be used at all. Residents and Community Manager need to discuss a Fire Safety Plan and how to manage communications.

    This is a developing story please check back for updates as they are come in. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

West, Texas Denied FEMA Aid To Rebuild After Fertilizer Plant Explosion

West, Texas Denied FEMA Aid To Rebuild After Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The mayor of West, Tommy Muska, told the AP that the town needs to repair roads, the damaged sewer system, and a school, which will cost $57 million. The price tag for the total property damages resulting from the explosion could reach $100 million.
Meanwhile, the plant itself was only insured for $1 million worth of damages. Texas doesn’t mandate the terms for insurance companies that offer policies to fertilizer plants and therefore doesn’t require them to have insurance that would cover the potential damage they could cause
How many Common Interest Communities are under insured?   Got a clubhouse, pool, roads & sidewalks  or other such common area elements is the full replacement value included in the communities policy?  Do you even know what insurance your condo or hoa has inplace?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hurricane Season Starts This Weekend: Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Season Starts This Weekend: Are You Prepared?

Yes it was last week however the message is still the same.

Does your Common Interest Community have an Emergency Plan?

Does your manager or Board know what your local governments Emergency Plan?

If not it's time to start thinking about one.    Don't ya think....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Attn Condo & HOA's managed by Columbia property manager Legacy Investment closes its doors

Something we started hearing about Monday night is now making it's way into the media and we believe there's a huge pile of rot that will be uncovered once investigators are able to dig into this situation.

According to Legacy’s website, which has been removed, the company launched in 2006 and managed more than 100 homeowner associations, 100 housing units and vacation properties. Baltimore Biz Journel 

This number 100 homeowner associations is the one that caught our eye.  If you think about the size and scope of this disaster with just the bank accounts alone the State of Maryland, these Common Interest Communities CIC, their members, banks and insurance companies are going to need a lot of help to sort this whole thing out.

The 1st thing we can say to CIC involved is to contact your Insurance underwriter.  As well we recommend that you contact the State of Maryland, (coming soon)

Please check back to see updates on this developing situation.