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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beware of the Ides of March in CIC land.

So if you think about the state of the condominium market right now with both FHA & Fannie Mae basically not able to back loans in what 100 thousand 1 million condo's single family & townhouse associations. Who knows.  Really?

As with every other case follow the money.  Think! If many urban communities which are largely made up of Condo & Townhouses since the 80s. They are no longer back-able by the annies, thus these  entities no longer have assests to calm as counter to their notes.   The whole market implodes 

Which is what is happening now.

Who is the villains!  You say a villain......Let's just make up a movie plot and you tell me who is whom?

Cut to.  villains And, I do mean the worst kind as they are assembling huge piles of money ( backscene~ these piles are the loans they crammed into the system and resold in a ponzie scheme ) Now they are  ready to descend like the plage upon cities and devour every single condo, townhouse and some partials completed HOA's that unit they can get their hands on
They are basically not re-sellable because the government refused to take steps to stop this train wreak years ago....well you draw your own conclusion.
As to why would villains (errr...investors) would want to buy up a million units at a time...........

VO because the 40 percent of owners that have been paying the bills are about to become totally beholden to the investor owners since their own units are not re-sellable using conventional or any other loan other then cash.  And, who is going to step up and buy those units?  

PLOT TWIST some of villains  are currently advising the government on it's response to the current housing issues.  Did any .GOV or Agency do one thing in regards to state of communities?

CIC's  have been set up like bowling pins to be knocked down and redeveloped any way these Villains see fit.  They will have a captive renter community and who knows after they are done 10 percent of the old owners may even qualify to buy a new home- It's the same as the old home.  

Crux of the PLOT Only now new/oldhome just it generated a new series of transactions and these folks that run things including Congress it seems care more about that then they do your community.

Or the Congress and your Government starts to care about the 100 million U.S. citizens that live in these communities.  The odds are that many of them do and they are going to stop this or be hoisted by the investors/villains.

2012 Elections need to be about the State of Communities and Communities 

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