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Sunday, December 12, 2010

BTW 25 THOUSAND CONDO"S just lost FHA Underwriting

We said~  Hey this is coming and guess what it ain't over because Fannie's deadline is just a week or so away and even if they move the date back as it seems FHA is doing the facts on the ground are that these Condos are broke and until that is fixed none of them are going to get through a winter let alone pay for some stupid recertification that entangles your community with DEADBEAT OWNERS like FHA, FANNIE.

It might not be a bad Idea for communities to not deal with the agencies since it is these same agencies that placed all the dead beat owners in the units that FANNIE FHA and others now own and again don't pay dime of current assessments and they have not done ONE single thing to help any Community in the USA.  

This is not a joke and the folks that are supposed to be your elected leaders have not done one thing either.  Name one hearing that has been called.  These same folks will take up days talking about Super Rich folks getting a tax cut HOWEVER they will not take one moment to talk about the 100 million US homeowners that are without single voice in DC, it would seem, that cares.

WAKE UP and at least one reporter seems to have

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