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Friday, October 15, 2010

Why has the main stream media done everything possible to not cover this?

So I have been talking about Condo & Hoa issues since the first time I heard about one.

It was surprising to me as someone that worked in both Community Associations,( CPWI CEO 5yrs BOD 22) and politics my first campaign job was to make signs for a judges race when I was in 10th grade (1980) the fact that the needs of Tens of Millions of American  homeowners are being harmed by the elected officials on the local state and federal level, now world wide since most new communities build world wide are Common Interest Communities should be one of these stories that a reporter dreams of covering.

Now the shock is that during this time I have not been able to get any reporter other then two local reporters or any media outlet.  My wife worked in NPR for years and NOT ONE reporter has ever returned a phone call.
We did have for a short time have one producer from 60 Minutes, he died, and so has this story plus the Condos, Coops, and Hoa that are now 80 percent of all homes built

Yet we still have no one coving this story.

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